Thursday, December 13, 2012

All we want to do is

It's relentless. Even my go-to song isn't working. That's my most insidious,  earwormy song, the one I only use when I'm desperate because it's also pretty sticky (and no I'm not telling you what it is) so it's the heavy for kicking out songs that have a solid hold of my --

eat your brains. We're not

Arg. Maybe if watch it just one more time, I can shake it off.

unreasonable, I mean, no one's gonna eat yer eyes. All we want to do

Is to eat my brains, I know.

is eat your brains! We're 
I've thanked the friend who sent it to me and he laughed at me. Maybe he's already a zombie.

at an impasse here

I am fascinated not only by the video but by my fascination. Sure, the contrast beteween the catchy lyrics and up-beat tune, a zombie signing ASL, spewing office-speak -- it's all delightfully incongruous, besides --

maybe we should compromise

-- I did study ASL and the best way to reinforce language is with song, the way we did as children, so maybe that's where the thing is --

if you open up the doors

-- grabbing my attention. Attention!  Not brains! Not brains!

we'll all come inside


and eat your brains!

I give up. A little late to the scene, but I'm there.

Haven't seen it yet?  Consider this warning. But go ahead and watch it. Why I should suffer alone? We like company.