Monday, March 22, 2010

Cherry Blossom Fall, Part II

I had a friend take me out for ice cream. What else do you do when your ride's been pinched? Good stuff, this gelato place. Especially the salted caramel.

So coming back, there it was, parked along the street. Under some cherry blossoms. My bike. Minor damage to the ignition panel.  Gas level about the same.  Seems to run fine.

My best guess is that they started it up, drove it a block, realized it only looked like a powerful bike,  and then thoughtfully parked it near by.

Not an entirely bad day after all: ice cream, my bike back, and Cherry Blossoms, still falling.


  1. Why does a lolcatz come to mind?

    on yer bike, steelin yer ride k thnx by

  2. Current best theory (as opposed to mine, which was that they tried it and found out it was only a 50cc and returned to park it neatly near by) is that they moved it by hand to work on it and failed to hotwire it, and left it there. So yeah, it's a wussy bike but he's mine and he didn't start for strangers. My baby!