Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some thoughts on a horse

And what is it that makes this commercial so -- tasty? Most assuredly nom nom. I had to watch it twice and then again to try to sort it out in my head. Not my head, you say? Too distracted to argue that. It's not that he's -- well, yes, it is that he's gorgeous and his voice is like unfiltered pheromone-laced honey.

Nice. Real nice. Better watch it again.

This is what happens when commercialism, sex and art collide: a man on a horse who has my attention. So they made another, worth watching if you like the first, here.

So I watch again. How many times do I need to watch this before I'm tired of this guy?

Surreal? You betcha. Gorgeous? Oh yeah.

Eleven million views. Impressive for a commercial.

Think there's room on that horse for me?



    So sorry...

  2. What? Ack, no! When women are objects of visual delight, it goes on for years -- Playboy, Penthouse -- but when men are objects, he has to move on to other things?

    Pah! Sexism, is what it is, pure and simple. I object!