Friday, October 12, 2012


I had a tetanus booster a bit ago.  The doctor and nurse had to talk me into it.

I vividly remember my last one, some ten years ago and yeah the one before that, too. I remember keenly that it hurt so bad, just getting the shot, never mind the ongoing pain, for days and days. Sore arm, deep resentment. Like that.

But the world moves on, things change, and something weird happened this last time. It didn't hurt. Not the shot, not the arm, and not the next day.

A new formula, the nurse said. And I'm really good at giving shots, too, she added smugly. But no matter how good you are at giving shots, tetanus shots usually hurts like someone is shoving paper cuts into your veins.

Not this time.  The world has... changed. And my resistance and resentment along with it. It was no big deal. Just another simple, nearly painless shot, by a smug and competent nurse.

So then, rubbing my arm, amazed at how it didn't hurt, I felt slightly bad for having growled at them when they first suggested it.  I sometimes growl when I feel threatened. Started happening when I started learning to speak Dog.

"Sorry I growled at you," I mumbled to the doctor.

"No problem!" She said brightly. "And now you're good for another ten years!"

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