Friday, June 16, 2017

Honesty, Openness, Ocean

Someone mentioned honesty and openness to me today, and here's what I said. I think it's something like the ocean. You think, oh, wow, this -- the ocean! How cool is this? Maybe you stand on the beach and put your fingers into foamy surf for the first time, and you think, oh, sweet: I've touched the ocean!
Then you go out on a boat, and dangle your legs over the side, and oooo it's sooo cold, all the way up to your calves and you think now -- NOW I've really touched the ocean. I know what honesty and openness really is.
One day, on the boat, you slip, and fall in. You're okay, a little shaken maybe, but fine. Getting back into the boat, dripping wet, you know something: you haven't felt the ocean this way before. It's new. It makes you wonder what else you don't know.
Then, one day, you scuba dive, and everything changes. Again.

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