Monday, July 11, 2011

A Mountainous Crush

Since way back when I was a young snap of a critter I would roll my eyes at adults who fell all over themselves admiring flowers and views. Surely, I reasoned, in my very mature child's mind, there must be more important things to do in life than stare at mountain ranges and coo over wildflowers.

Recently had occasion to drop by the Olympic mountain range. Just kind of, you know, in the neighborhood. With much tromping I ended up at an elevation near 6,000 feet and turned my gaze upon the world and there did my eyeballs feast themselves on these stunning rocks of upthrust (yes, that's what they call it).

Oh my.

Suddenly I had a bit of a crush.

Maybe, being used to sea-level air, my good sense was addled by lack of oxygen. Or maybe the mountains aren't really static bits of rock at all, but magic beasties, and they got to into me fair and square.

And so, maybe, this is kind of a love letter. Crush letter.

Hey, ahh, Mountains. Busy? Hope you don't mind -- I looked up your number on the net. Nice having coffee with you the other day. Pretty weather, wasn't it? Enjoyed getting to know you.  Uhm. Yeah. Uhm. Busy Friday?

And there were wildflowers. And yeah, I hung out with them, too. Could smell 'em on the clear alpine snow-spiced air.

I got a crush on a mountain range.  Cause he's so cute!

My younger self would cringe to hear me say such things. Mountains?  Flowers?  C'mon! But hey, I also played in the snow, scrabbled up rocky inclines, ran down steep mountain paths, talked to strangers and bothered the rangers. So none of that mature stuff, k?

It was something.  I am not going to use that word.  But, mountains. Yeah.


  1. I love these signs because most people would not park because they are confused by the signs. If I can decipher then the spot is mine.

    Survival of the fittest.

  2. Congratulations on your first(?) omni-sexual experience- expect whole new vistas to open now.
    Mountains are not static bits at all. You just have to be really attentive to feel their movement. I think there's not much that could be more intimate than feeling a mountain's motion. Hey, isn't there some kind of sex reference about mountains moving? ;-)

  3. I don't think I'll say whether it's my first or not. A motorbike lover doesn't kiss and tell. Ooops. :)

    Thanks for the great advice. I'll practice on some rocks so I don't stumble too badly when I'm on my next uhm date.