Wednesday, June 2, 2010

That Oil Spill Thing

How about that Oil Spill, eh?  Sure is big.


Yeah, I was angry. Outraged. Then I was incredulous.  Then I was angry again.  Pissed.

And then, somehow, I stopped thinking about it. At least until the news came on again, and then - angry, outraged, incredulous.  Then I stopped thinking about it.  Why?

It's just too big, and I'm just too small.  My fantasies about stuffing BP execs down the hole to see if their big [egos / capatalist short-sighted stupidity / asses - pick your fave] might plug it notwithstanding, there's just nothing I can do.

Nothing I can do about what could be the biggest environmental disaster of our time. If I think about it, I'll feel - sick. Scared. Angry. Outraged.



  1. I love xkcd!

    I'm watching a new PBS program with the spill as the topic. The guy talking made a point that whenever we want power, we light something on fire. Oil burns very nicely. It's a problem.

    I'm pissed too.

  2. Who do we blame? BP is such the obvious target, but we ourselves are the ones consuming the oil. Not ME, of course. Or rather, I consume a infinitesimal fraction of the consumer flow, but we a nation are a large, sucking mouth for the stuff. Or is the car manufacturers and marketers, who shape ideal lives in our imaginations wrapped around shiny new cars? Or is it the city planners of the 50s who created suburbia? Or is it...

    It's a system. Blame is easy; solving the problems harder. But the proximate cause?

    I say coat the BP execs in concrete and stuff 'em in the pipe. But then, I want the easy answer.