Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A different email approach

1) I read this article about researcher Donald Redelmeier

2) He uses numbered lists in his email responses

3) He says this is to focus on the message's content rather than be distracted by grammar, punctuation, syntax

4) Despite my affection for the various structures of the written word, I am intrigued by this (2)

5) I notice it also allows me to easily reference previous points

6) He says lots of other interesting things in (1)

7) One of my favorites: “Do not get trapped into prior thoughts. It’s perfectly O.K. to change your mind as you learn more.”

8) I've been emailing for over 30 years. I'm ready to try a different approach.

9) What do you think?  Anyone tried this or recieved emails like this?


  1. I write them like this, frequently, especially in response to messy ill-thought-out requests for me to do specific pieces of work at my job. I don't remember receiving any.

  2. 1) it's an interesting way to think -- i find myself having to focus on what exactly my points ARE

    2) i think I've done the same with poorly written emails. I wonder why.

    3) Everyone send Kai numbered emails. :)