Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hacker Humor

As a writer and devoted documenter-of-my-code, I found these laugh-out-loud hilarious.  Heck, maybe this even qualifies as a geek test. You read it and tell me, k?

Top funny source code comments

And if you've got more, tell me. (Maybe that's the real test, wanting more.)


  1. Really great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    Any personal comment humor? :)

  2. My code comments are always good. Thoughtful, insightful, and well-written. Natch. :)

    I had one that went something like, "You keep trying to make this better, but trust me, it's as good as it gets now, so leave it alone." I can't find the exact section of code, though; been too long. But here's one I like:

    # well, you can see what i was TRYING to do. Hell.

  3. Hard to pick a favorite. It's between the wasted hours counter and throw up.